Why Some Graphic Designers Are Failing In Instagram

Graphic designers play a very important role in this visual world where people are focusing more on images and videos rather than text. They are the guys responsible for creating beautiful logos, flyers, posters, infographics and videos for marketing and other purposes. If you have not yet noted, this crop of creative designers is dominating the online scenes and social media is their favorite spot. Just visit Facebook or Instagram and you will see videos and creative posters as ads courtesy of this group. Instagram is one of their favorite joints but not all utilizing it to its full potential because of the following reasons.


    1. Have incomplete profiles

A potential customer will want to know you at a personal level before he or she engages you in business. Instagram offers you a chance to explain what you do, who you are and why customers should use your services. There may be a limit on the number of characters that you can use but just ensure that you give all the necessary information. Not every bit of your personal life deserves to be on your business Instagram timeline. If you want potential customers to get more information about you, attach links to personal websites through your bio section.


    1. They are not unique

There are probably thousands of graphic designers who are trying to market similar services to the same target group. How will you make sure that you stand out from the rest and convince followers to be buyers? Add value to your products to make them stand out and get a competitive edge in the market. Choose a theme for all your posts which makes them unique and noticeable from far. Choose two or three colors and make them the background of all your posts and this will make it possible for people to associate your brand with the colors.


    1. They do not automate some functions


Graphic designers are busy people and some gigs might take days to complete. However, you still have to be active on social media or else you lose your client base. You can only balance the two if you have some automation tools. Some of the things you can achieve through automation include getting new followers, liking posts, answering customers’ questions and scheduling posts. You can check reviews of some of the best bots at incomeartist.com. You will realize that these bots have varying capabilities tailored to fit different needs.