Why Social Workers Love Instagram

The internet space is an interesting space that has made communication very effective and taken socializing to the next level. New jobs have been created and opportunities are also arising on a daily basis as people learn new ways of doing things. Those who run non-profit organizations have not been left out and they are already storming the spot and making their presence realized. One of the platforms that are fitting social workers from all sectors is the social media sphere. They have fallen in love with various platforms and Instagram remains among the top. The following are some of the reasons why Instagram is a favorite platform among social organizations

    1. A high number of users

Marketing is all about numbers and the conversions that come from every campaign. Instagram has the 2nd largest number of users after Facebook and thus a post attracts many people. You just have to know the right audience to target and you are good to go. You can target people based on their consumer habits, age and region to get more refined results. Just make sure that your content adds value to the followers and back it up with facts to make it more authentic.

    1. You do not have to do everything

Succeeding in any cause requires lots of dedication and social organizations are not any different. You may find that you spend most of your working hours in such ventures but still remember that you have bills to pay and a life to sustain. Automating some functions can give you enough time to balance on your social venture and your general life chores. Reaching new people and growing your Instagram account to establish an authority is not that easy. You can escape the struggle and grow your account through automation but the question is, Are they authentic, though?

    1. You do not need coding ability to use Instagram

There are thousands of applications out there that are aimed at making work easier but most people cannot use them. Instagram is developed in such a way that anyone can use it irrespective of educational background or upbringing. You just need to get some graphics and some captions and you are good to go. Just ensure that you have the right dimensions to make your graphics clear and pass the intended messages. Check around and determine the type of content that other people in your niche are posting and develop a unique voice.