Use Of Product Key In Reinstallation Process

Losing your operating systems key is one of the most painful and annoying feeling you could ever get because once the product key is lost you cannot reinstall the software anymore. Reinstallation is very common as sometimes the software gets corrupt due to any malware or any other technical glitch. When you are reinstalling those applications you need to provide the product key to proceed the installation process. It is all about valid os keys and if you have the original key, you can easily install the operating system or any software and enjoy the advanced features.

When you purchase the operating system Like Windows 10 or windows 8, you get a key along with it. Sometimes, you get it in your mail but most of the times it is written on the envelope of the CD case. It is essential to keep the key safe. However, if it gets lost, you can use the make use of the utility software for recovery of that key.

Using a software Utility to find the product Key

The benefit of using utility software to find the product key is that the process id quick and hassle free. Usually, the software is small in size which can be downloaded and installed in seconds. Many key finder utilities also come with a feature that allow you to save your operating system Key in a file, this will help you to keep the key in a safe place so that it never gets lost it again.

  • Download Key finder utility software, which you get easily over the internet.
  • Install that software by following the instructions given on the screen.
  • Run the software. If you are legalized to run utility as an administrator of the computer, choose “Yes”, this is because software must be able to access your system registry.
  • The software scans your computer and then displays the product key.

BIOS embedded product key

To protect your computer from piracy BIOS embedded key is introduced.  The first benefit of BIOS is that the user will need not to look for the product key each time they reinstall Windows. In past, when you were reinstalling the OS, the user had to put the original key before proceeding with the installation. This process could be difficult sometimes for some users. However, since the key is embedded in the BIOS, the OS will recognize it quickly and proceed for the installation without requesting for the activation information.