Types of Links to Boost Your Rankings

Types of Links to Boost Your Rankings

Ranking high in Google depends on three things really:

  • On page SEO – or better said a proper piece of content, preferably 2000+ words long, in-depth and easy to read.
  • User experience – this includes the CTR on the search engine page and the visual design of your website.
  • Link building – this should speak for itself.

In this article, we are going to talk about link building techniques or better said the different types of backlinks you need to improve your positions in the search engine results pages. We are going to break this down once again and look at the properties links should have:

  • Relevancy, we want the site that we get the link from to be relevant to our site, or at least the page.
  • Strength, if it was only about relevancy we could create 1000 web2.0’s and be done, no we also need some power.

Now that we filtered down to what we need let’s take a look at the actual link types that possess those attributes:

  • Private blog links,¬†those links provide us with a lot of strength, assuming we buy a strong domain in the first place, and on a page level there is also plenty of relevance to be had. However, the link profile isn’t very relevant to our site as we pick up any domain that is powerful enough to make a dent so private blog networks aren’t the most relevant link sources despite that the content that we post on it is relevant. Posting relevant content on an irrelevant domain is not ideal, but hey we got the power.
  • Guest posts, definitely awesome links but it can be hard to acquire, get expensive or tough to scale. These links do have all we are looking for,¬† coming from relevant domains and often with enough power, again it depends on the site in terms of power but you get my point. Guest posts are one of the best links you can get despite Google sometimes talking down on them as people try to abuse it. It’s their job to discourage people from gaming the search engines.

Mixing PBN links and guest posts is one of the most effective ways to rank, but as said, it’s sometimes hard to scale guest posts so before you know it you end up with an out of proportions amount of PBN links with just a handful or a dozen guest posts, not ideal so another link source would be great to add.

Now let me ask you, which link source should that be? I already know the answer but I save that for another post so leave it in the comments and the best answer will win a guest post on this very site. What a deal!