Tool chest types.

The modern tool chests have a good many types that you can choose from. These types vary from stationary to portable and mountable ones. These types mainly depend upon their use. In this article, we will discuss the different yes of tool chests, so that you can get to the one that best fits your requirements.

Stationary tool chests:

If you are looking for a tool chest for your home, workshop or garage, then these stationary tool chests are best for you. These are difficult to move around and are suitable for use at a specific place. However, they mostly have small wheels that allow these tool chests to be moved around a limited area. This is very helpful when you are cleaning or changing the layout of your workshop. This addition of wheels also adds up to safety and lifetime of these tool chests. They keep the spilled oils and other liquids out of the reach of the chest’s bottom surface. This is of uttermost importance, as the exposure to spilled oils and water, makes the tool chest rust rapidly and also decreases its lifetime. While their movement factor may ward you away from them, they also have a plus point that stands them higher than the other tool chest types. Due to their large size, they can store almost everything, There is a large number of compartments and drawers, where you can easily store your things. They are big enough to accommodate your entire workshop or garage equipment.

Portable tool chests:

If you have a home service for your mechanical works, then you may find these portable tool chests, a lot easier to use. This type of tool chests is also referred as rolling tool chests. They have large wheels attached to them; you can easily attach these portable tool chests to your car or truck. This adds to their movement and portability. Now, you can have access to your tools even when you are away from your workshop. You can also pull them through their built-in handles. They also have a number of compartments, usually, the place for large tools is at the bottom and the lighter tools are stored at the top. Their body is made out of hard material, which suits their external use.

Mountable tool chests:

This type of tool chests is suitable for mobile workshop services. If you own a truck or a van, you can easily mount one of these mountable tool chests to it and take your tools, everywhere you go. This gives you an easy access to all of your basic tools, whenever you need them.
There are also a few other tool chest types available in the market. To read about the other types and to get any type of information related to tool chests, visit DIY Tool Chests . They have a huge collection of information on tool chest buying guides, maintenance, and types.