Tips to Control Human Emotion

It seems so easy to control human emotions. After all, it’s all under your control. However, emotions are larger than (metaphorically) the size of the sun. They make up every fiber of your being and when they are not controlled, they can ruin your life. Every single minute of your life, the next decision you make is influenced by your current emotion. Depending on your emotion, this can lead you to do something you will later regret. The best way to avoid this is to learn how to control your emotions.

Don’t’ Be Reactionary

When you hear or read something that you don’t like, you must stay calm and avoid being reactionary. If you ignore this and say what is on your mind at the moment, chances are you will end up hurting someone. The best thing you can do is to depart from wherever you and take a breather. After you have done this and have your emotions in check, proceed with the situation as you normally would have.

Avoid Negative People

If you are constantly with someone who is always grumpy, discouraging and negative then chances are you will develop some of those same tendencies. These types of tendencies will sway your emotions and cause you to react differently than you did before in certain situations. The simple answer? Stop associating yourself with that person (which can become hard if there your family member or close friend). An alternative to never speaking to that person again is to help them think more positively.


The subject of prayer is always a controversial one. However, it shouldn’t be as it’s something that can help you greatly. All humans are imperfect and all need help. You can ask help from another imperfect individual (which isn’t a bad thing), but the best thing to do is bow your head and pray to the almighty Jesus Christ. Ask him to help you control your emotions in a more positive way. There is no doubt that doing this is more useful than anything a professional will ever tell you.

Replace Negative Emotions with Positive Ones

If there is ever a time where an emotion is making you angry or depressed, immediately replace it with something that you are grateful for. This will take your mind off whatever is bothering you and will give you a reason to smile.

You will confront several difficult tasks, but controlling your emotions may be the toughest. However, if you work hard and keep these factors in mind your journey will be easier.