The best services available to grow and manage your Instagram account

Instagrams leading automated service Instagress, unfortunately, will not be reappearing on the Instagram Bot market. It was shut down after a series of crackdowns on the use of automated services on Instagram who state that using automated services such as Bots is an artificial way to grow your account and gain followers. It is against their terms of use policy.

Who uses Instagram Bots?

Many users were using Bots for business purposes. They are an ideal tool to help with marketing as the can grow your accounts following. Having a large number of follower means having a bigger audience to market brands and services to. The followers can be diverted as traffic to your website and turned into potential customers with a tunnel effect.

What effects did the crackdown have on automated services?

The crackdown did not only result in Instagress being shut down. It resulted in many other leading automated services being shut down too. This affected the market in a number of ways. It affected the market negatively because many Bot users were implementing Bots to help grow their Instagram accounts for business purposes. They are now not sure whether to invest in another service due to fear of being closed down.

However, it also had a positive effect on the market. Many new Bots have launched onto the market offering their services. They have joined the older and experienced Bots that survived the crackdowns. This combination has caused the market to grow with automated services becoming better.

What are some Bot user’s views on the crackdown?

Many users that previously used automated forerunner Instagress are actually wary of investing in another Bot. They are fearful that their chosen service could be closed down and affect their account negatively.

Not only are they looking to outsource to a service that can effectively grow their account. They are looking for one that is viewed as safe to use and will not result in any negative effects on their account.

What safe and effective services are currently available?

The current market is varied with many services offering outsourcing service to grow your Instagram following and manage your account.

What are some of the recommended services currently available?

The top 4 Instagress alternatives currently available on the market are:

    • Social Envy
    • Follow Adder
    • Instato
    • InstaQ

You can read more about these top 4 Instagress alternatives at .