Perfume Etiquette Rules

Are you the type of person who can never walk out of the door without wearing some kind of fragrance? Maybe you even have a signature scent. Or, you like to try out with a variety of body sprays and perfumes. While wearing a perfume is indeed a pleasant experience, you have to stick to the following rules.

Update your Perfume Cabinet as Per the Season

You need to update your fragrance wardrobe every season the same you change your closet as you transition from winter to summer. During summer you’ll be better off with a scent that yells “I’ve just stepped out the shower.” At this time, the heat is sweltering and you need to smell fresh so go for something juicer or airier. When the temperatures dip, wear a rich woody scent with an oriental note. Visit for a wide collection of women’s season that suit every season.

Choose your Scent to Suit the Occasion

You cannot wear the same dress every day. You want to look different in a dinner party or wedding. The same goes for you your perfume. You may, for instance, wear an energetic scent during the day and then shift to something zesty when attending formal events.

Rubbing Perfume on your Skin Isn’t the Way to Do It

One of the most common mistakes people do when it comes to perfume is rubbing them on the skin. This is a no-no. You see, there’s every chance that your scent will interact with heat which causes damage to your skin. Besides, rubbing on the skin alters the original scent. Instead of rubbing the fragrance on your skin, just spray and allow it to settle naturally.

Be Considerate at your Workplace

As a rule of thumb, your perfume should be about enhancing your image. It shouldn’t suffocate or distract people. At the office, the last thing that you want is your scent to get into the room before you do. Thus, be sure to choose refreshing scents and avoid intense fragrances. You could also pick something playful with a flirty, floral scent.

The Bottom Line

You have to wear the right perfume to maximize its effect. Beauty experts recommend that you apply it on parts that produce more heat such as your décolletage or collarbone. You could also apply some at the back of your hands, on your wrists or behind your knee area, especially during the summer.