Mosquitoes Traps With Propane Tank To Attract Bugs

Mosquitoes are one of the most annoying bugs, present not only in an outdoor area but also in our room. These insects are not only irritating but are also responsible for spreading various diseases. We often use mosquito net or apply chemical solution for preventing the action of mosquitoes. However, most of these are not much effective to give you an excellent relief. But, at Bug Shock, we want to present you with the most important information on how you can avoid mosquitoes with innovative devices. You perhaps know about mosquito traps, available in the market. One of the most popular models is the propane trap.

Mosquito traps working with propane

You may use battery to run the propane-based mosquito trapping system. This trap is best recognized for the excellent level of performance. The effect of the device may be realized throughout an area (about an acre). This device is able to kill many mosquitoes with the use of propane, present in an integrated tank.

Octenol helps in attracting bugs

The trap works silently and does not emit any kind of odor. However, it produces an octenol- a substance that attracts mosquito. Mosquitoes get attracted to it and the device kills them. Fungi and many varieties of plants generate Octenol. This may also be noticed in the sweat and breath of any person. However, nowadays, you may also buy the attractant, like Octenol in many shops. With the help of CO2 and Octenol, you will be able to draw the insects just as a piece of magnet. All the species of mosquitoes, which are flying around your trap, become attracted to gases.

How the device kills all bugs

There is a basin or pan, attached to the device and it is a removable unit, where all the mosquitoes meet. These bugs later die because of dehydration. So, the mosquito catching system has the power of killing the bugs. It is not only the mosquitoes but also the other insects that may get trapped with the device.

As the propane traps are available with cordless models, you may place it at any place on your backyard or garden. They will keep on trapping the hazardous mosquitoes and help you to curb the population of mosquitoes. Whether it is an evening time or morning, you will not have disturbance of mosquitoes. Use the device for indoor or outdoor place.