How THC and CBD Products Affects The Human Body

The talk on the legalization of cannabis product is taking center stage in different parts of the world. The consumers are now enlightened and want to know what different products have to offer to them. CBD and THC products are some of the most famous and receiving most of the attention.

The two exist in many forms such as gels, oils, edibles, and capsules. However, they have some differences based on their effects on the consumer and their extraction process. Even though the two are components of the cannabis plant, the following are some of the most outstanding differences

Effects on the brain

You may have heard that people feel ‘high’ when they smoke marijuana or take products that are infused with marijuana. THC is the primary compound responsible for such a feeling. It binds with cannabinoid one receptors in the brain and affects normal functioning.

On the other hand, CBD does not cause a state of euphoria. The reason behind it is because it does not bind with CB1 receptors at all. Taking CBD can reduce or affect the effectiveness of THC in the body.

Effects on health

Both of them have many medical benefits if you apply them in the right dosages. Some of the most common diseases and disorders that CBD helps fight include inflammation, seizures, pain, mental disorders, depression, swelling, nausea, and anxiety to mention a few. THC is also known for some health applications such as fighting insomnia, pain, glaucoma, nausea, low appetite and anxiety. However, those in the medical field prefer CBD over THC because the latter can cause a state of euphoria after the intake.

According to research, CBD also has lower side effects when compared to THC. Some of the most dominant side effects of THC include; increased heartbeat, dry mouth, lower reaction rates, red eyes, and coordination problems. All these temporal effects are as a result of its psychoactive properties, but they are not fatal. You can check some of the side effects of CBD at to understand more.


Laws regarding the use of cannabis products change from one state to another. CBD products are more popular than THC products because they are safer and do not have life-threatening side effects. State agencies also highlight the content of cannabis product that you can use in edibles or even oils for general use. Make sure you familiarize yourself with what is applicable in your country.