Cool Facts About the Space

Space is such an exciting place. It is not surprising, therefore, that humans have been trying to take it over and everything that it has to offer. Well, taking possession of the space is indeed challenging, and it may not happen anytime soon (if it ever will). Nonetheless, click to read what laying claim to space would mean for humanity. Other than that, there are some captivating facts about space.

Space is Silent

When you think of space, what comes to mind? Well, it may catch your attention to know that contrary to what many people believe space is silent. The thing is, sound has to travel through some form of medium. There’s no atmosphere in space, which means that noise can’t travel. But, radio waves travel through space and that’s how astronauts communicate with each other.

There Number of Stars is Uncountable

There are lots and lots of stars in the universe. Put differently no one knows how many stars there are in the universe. The figures that you see published around are a mere estimation. A study by Australian National University estimates that there are about 70 sextillion stars. However, this number is a guess.

 The First Footprints on the Moo are Likely to Last 100 Million Years

There’s no atmosphere, wind or water on the moon. In essence, it means that there’s nothing to wear away or wash the astronaut’s footprints on the moon including the spaceship prints. Nonetheless, they won’t stay there for eternity.  Even with its lack of atmosphere, the moon is a dynamic environment and the marks will disappear – after 100 million years!

The Sun Makes 99% of the Solar System Mass

The sun is a big star that accounts for 99% of the entire solar system’s density. The sun converts about six hundred million to hydrogen to helium per second. In other words, it fuses approximately four million tons of matter into energy as a byproduct. Scientists say that when the sun finally “dies,” it will cover the earth and all of its content. Breathe easy – it will take another five billion years for that to happen!

In Conclusion

There is so much to learn about space and its content. Did you know, for instance, that if two bits of the same type of metal come into contact in space they’ll bond and get stuck forever? Well, now you know!