Buying a can opener: 4 things to keep in mind

Jack loves soft drinks but every time he returns home with a can that he picks at the store, he has a frustrating time looking for a can opener which ultimately ruins his good mood to have a relaxing drink. Most of the time, Jack fails to find an opener and manages to uncork the can with whatever he finds nearby. It’s not that he did never buy a can opener but none of the equipment that he buys lasts long.

Hence, it is essential to pick a can opener with as much care as we buy the can of our favorite flavored drink. It might look to be just another piece of kitchen equipment to drag and beat up cans but one must buy a can opener that really serves well.

Here are some points that someone wanting to buy a can opener must keep in mind:

How frequent is the usage?

If one uses a can opener regularly, he/she must go for a product which is comfortable in using. For example, the equipment’s handle must be convenient to hold. But if one is not going to use it daily, then the focus should be more on aspects like maintenance.

How much user-friendly is the product?

A can opener must be user-friendly and not cause more inconvenience for the user by either not neatly finishing off the task or giving up midway. Expensive models like the electric openers are definitely easier to use but their maintenance cost will be high. Hence, for those who have a limited budget to buy a can opener, the key lies in making the right judgment.

How safe is the opener?

This is certainly one of the most important factor one has to keep in mind while buying a can opener. Does the product cut the can smoothly and doesn’t leave sharp edges that could cause an injury? To those who are looking for an opener that guarantees safety, go for one which cuts below the rim of the can’s top and ensures that the entire lid of the container is opened with no dangerous edges.

Will it last long enough?

A can opener’s work is quite stressful as it has to pull and pressurize the can and that can take a toll on its own health. Thus, the opener’s own health is important for someone looking for a good product. A carbon steel model is definitely going to last longer than a plastic one if one tries to crack a tough nut.

Thus, whatever opener one chooses, it must ensure that he/she doesn’t run out of one like Jack when it matters. Convenience of using a product is the basic and also the most important thing to keep in mind. The rule doesn’t change when it comes to can openers either. For the 10 best can openers, visit