Bowling Accessories You Need to Have

Apart from the bowling ball and the shoes, there are a few accessories that you cannot do without when bowling, whether as a professional or a novice. Most bowling centres sell the accessories and even allow you to try them out. You can get the accessories from physical stores or online platforms.

Let us evaluate the various accessories.

Bowling Balls

This is the most important accessory that you need when bowling. The balls are personal to every player, and they need to be specific in terms of weight and finger homes to fit.

There are thousands of bowling ball designs on made from so many materials and more. Some are personalized to make them more attractive and appealing. Along with the design you also need to get the best weight. A ball that is too heavy can lead to back injury and affect the accuracy of the game. Additionally, a ball that is too light won’t carry enough power and might end up being inaccurate. So, make sure you get a ball that is ideal for you considering your weight and height.

If you are out to improve your game, then getting the right ball is the starting point.

Bowling bag

The bowling bag carries most of your accessories and will help you store your items as well. The bag can say a lot about the bowling that you are performing. You can customize the bag to show your emblem or the league’s name. The bag also protects your bowling ball.


These aren’t so important, but they help keep your feet protected and give you the perfect grip. Additionally, they give you a base from which you can launch from, and help you get a balance when you bowl.

Bowling Gloves

These are becoming a necessity for most bowlers, young and old. Professionals can’t dare bowl without gloves, and many other people are finding it a good practice to bowl with gloves because they get to protect their fingers. The gloves also give you the grip you need to bowl much better.

Look for gloves that are comfortable to put on and that improve your game.

The bottom-line

When it comes to bowling, you need to take care so that you enjoy the experience as well as improve your game. What you need is to make sure you have the right accessories that help take your game to a whole new level.