All You Need To Know About Ladder Inspection and Maintenance

Fatal injuries while working on ladders are not uncommon. This highlights the importance of inspecting any ladder before you use it. It should be properly maintained and while using it, you should always follow some standard operating procedures.

How to inspect the ladder?

While inspecting any ladder look for the following details:

  • Ensure that it does not miss any component.
  • Ensure that no part of it is loose or damaged.
  • All the hardware needs to be attached properly to the non-movable parts.
  • The ladder should be properly labelled and should be free of any dirt, grease or oil that may cause slippage while climbing the ladder.
  • A ladder that has undergone any damage due to chemical or fire exposure should not be used.
  • The base should always be placed securely at a level position. It should never be kept at a ground with any degree of slant. The base should be supported by providing proper hinges for support from every side.

Causes for major ladder accidents

  • Wrong choice of ladder:

The major cause of every problem is the wrong selection. Each ladder is designed for a particular weight category. The weight that the ladder is subjected to should never exceed the weight it is designed for. This will not only deteriorate the condition of the ladder, but can also lead to failure and fatality of the person working on the ladder.

The height of the ladder that you select should also be appropriate for the work requirements. If you choose a short ladder and try to work by standing on your toes, the chances are that you might suffer a fall from the ladder.

  • Wrong inspection or using damaged ladders

You should inspect the ladders properly. Using damaged ladders is an invitation to accidents. The ladders too have a life. After certain years of use, they are no longer capable of bearing the stress they are designed for. This calls for regular stress bearing capacity inspection of the ladder and checking for any damages in the ladder.

A fantastic read about the ladders is a must before purchasing it. Always use the ladder properly by placing it on a straight plain base. The base should be very strong. Major accidents are caused by not using the ladder properly.