2 Ways Children Could Learn Respect When Taking Up Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Other Martial Arts

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a complicated martial art. If you insist on learning it, make sure your heart is 100% into it. Otherwise, you might just give it up.

But while it is a complicated martial art, it’s not just for the adults and the big and bulky teens. It’s for children, too!

In fact, London Fight Factory offer BJJ classes, especially for children.

Consider enrolling your little one in a BJJ class because the martial art can help him learn essential values. Respect is among these values is respect.

Here are the ways that BJJ teaches respect.

#1: BJJ Teaches Self-Control

Since it requires hours of learning, BJJ teaches your child the importance of patience, discipline, and delayed gratification. It encourages him to stay focused on his progress so he could improve his combat skills.

Especially at his age, your child could use a lesson on self-control. With so much energy, he’d feel the urge to accomplish a ton of things. And while it can help him achieve tasks, the load of energy can also lead to behavioral problems.

As his parent, it’s your job to guide him in choosing the better path. By letting him take up BJJ, you’ll be helping him use his energy wisely — and not waste it on unimportant matters.

As he attends the classes, he will understand his power. He will understand that while he can do many things, he should only stay focused on those that are beneficial to him.

#2: BJJ Boosts Self-Esteem

Especially if your child is experiencing some sort of inferiority complex, signing him up for BJJ classes is a great idea.

BJJ will help him develop his self-esteem and therefore, help him learn to respect himself and others.

After all, the martial art trains him to be as strong and powerful as possible. Ultimately, it teaches him to believe in himself.

As he learns, he begins to discover his capability of protecting himself, as well as his loved ones. He discovers that he can feel safe and brave the unexpected. He understands that there is nothing to be afraid of.

Final Thoughts

Instilling the value of respect in your child’s character is important. As he enters adulthood, he will understand that success — both in personal and professional undertakings — has a lot to do with how respectful he is.

And on top of it all, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu also keeps your child active. He gets to play and move around a lot — just as he should. Consequently, he becomes happier and healthier!